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The Royal Tennis Association of Spain clarifies several points of its statement regarding the Australian Open and Tennis Australia

The Royal Spanish Tennis Association of Spain (RFET in Spanish) wants to clarify several points of its statement regarding the Australian Open and Tennis Australia:

  • First of all, we apologize to Tennis Australia if our statement at any time could have been understood as a criticism of their working methods, but this was not our intention.
  • The RFET thanks Tennis Australia for the effort to organize in these difficult times due to the global pandemic, the first Grand Slam of the season, something essential for our players who will resume competing and generating resources.
  • The Australian Government has proven the effectiveness of its measures against Covid-19, as evidenced by the evolution of the disease in this country, being an example to the world.
  • The RFET wants to reiterate its solidarity with all the players who have tested positive. It also wants to support the Spanish athletes who, due to different circumstances, are going through a strict of 14 day lockdown.
  • Our intention, with the previous press release, was to request the AO, with the utmost respect to its mandate, the possibility to explore safe training options for the Spanish tennis players affected by the 14-day isolation. This initiative is based on good faith and in no way challenges the actions of the Australian Government or the AO.
  • The RFET reiterates its recognition to both organizations for their efforts in organizing the event. We acknowledge that the simple fact that Tennis continues to move forward, despite the difficulties, is great news for our Players.
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